Local solutions, global expertise

Our in-house research, design, engineering, construction, sales and marketing divisions – combined with our financial strength – ensure we deliver full property-development solutions.

From home to workplace, retail to retirement home, holiday destination to entertainment venue, we connect people with optimal living, our diversified business touches almost every aspect of a person’s life.

Our integrated approach and international expertise allows us to grow across global markets, further differentiating us from other developers in the property sector.

Global growth across sectors

Over 80% of Poly developments globally are residential, however we also own over 70 office towers across Australia, China, and the UK – our aim to acquire and develop commercial assets in global central-business-districts.

We also own a number of retirement communities, and we intend to bolster our international retirement-home business.

Our Asian property portfolio includes:

  • Over 330 residential projects (100million sqm)
  • Over 20 office towers (1.5million sqm)
  • 14 shopping centres (1million sqm)
  • 18 5-star hotels
  • 5 resorts