Liveable Communities

Our building philosophy is to bring value and respect to each community.

We do this by creating communities which enhance each and every person’s living experience through clever design for all stages of life.

We endeavor to incorporate many of the below elements into our apartments wherever we can:

  • Wheelchair and pram access allow for barrier free and ‘step-less’ facilities throughout the community.
  • Flexible design layouts within each apartment to allow for both child and senior safety, such as corner protectors, inclined mirrors, wider access points and light sensitive lamps.
  • Space saving elements such as smart sideboard, wardrobe and cupboard storage spaces.

We do this to ensure that anyone living in a Poly development experiences comfort at every stage of life – from buying your first home, to raising a family, right through to our senior years.

This outlook has allowed us to create extraordinary residential and commercial real estate projects worldwide.