Re-inventing the traditional terrace with a twist

In Melbourne's inner city suburb of Richmond

November 27th, 2017

Terraced housing was introduced to Australia in the 19th century populating inner city suburbs of Melbourne such as Richmond where a population boom saw multi-storey housing become popular amongst immigrant families.

With Australia once again experiencing rapid population growth in major cities such as Melbourne, the demand for housing in inner city urban areas continues to be fuelled by a sophisticated market of discerning buyers.


To maintain the integrity of historical design whilst meeting the needs of today’s owner occupier, Poly Australia is stepping out of the square by re-birthing the once age old concept of traditional terraces, with a twist.

Taking the concept of the once original terrace, Poly will suspend terraces in the sky – delivering a floating terrace concept to the Melbourne market, and challenging the idea that multi-storey living could only exist with a connection to the ground floor.

The offering of a 3 storey terrace beginning at the 3rd floor conjures images of light and airy spaces with spectacular views.

The once long narrow floor plans deprived of light and natural airflow have been re-invented with a modern and smart design. These terraces present a smaller footprint with large living space, where bedrooms can include private living zones and become quiet retreats.

An internal elevated garden brings light to all rooms, with excellent cross-ventilation for air flow.  Vistas to soft landscaped greenery spans the entire length of the development.

Mayfair Garden will be a boutique community that is privately nestled off Bridge Road, unassuming to the local passer-by.

Although this hidden enclave offers privacy in space, it continues to honour old fashioned connectivity with neighbours and embraces the benefits of traditional living by drawing the outside elements in.

We are proud to deliver a distinctly rare opportunity to future Richmond!  Stay tuned for more information early next year!

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